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Lawrence Auls In order to convert your customers into repeat buyers, you need to build a relationship to make them feel important every single time they interact with your business.

Customers need to feel they are valued by your business. They deserve your attention. Teaching your staff the following tips on how to make your customers love you will let them know that they are valuable and that you appreciate their patronage.

1. Know Your Customer’s Name

Try to know your customers! Make it a habit to learn each and every name of your patrons so they feel special when they return. If your business allows, save data about your clients and build a profile about every single customer.

2. Be Genuine

Most people know if someone is faking interest in them. If customers feel that they are receiving genuine enthusiasm, it will benefit you in multiple ways. Know what your customers need and exceed their expectations.

3. Be Proactive

You might not know what your customers need. Try to anticipate what they want from your business, but don’t be afraid to ask then

Making these efforts will give you a wealth of loyal customers. Each experience will make a customer give you more referrals, respectability and an amazing reputation.